Bankruptcy Can Serve As An Opportunity

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart and at our law firm, we always strive to bring hope to those who have lost it as a result of being bankrupt. Bankruptcy may be unpleasant, but it can also help us a big deal if we get to learn how to go about the entire cycle of bankruptcy, right from the factors that lead to it to the best ways of avoiding it. In litigation, bankruptcy can serve as an opportunity to salvage one’s life support system and even prevent worse financial meltdown from happening. Bankruptcy can be filed under Chapter 13, Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. A good dallas bankruptcy lawyer makes sure his clients are well briefed with on the provisions of the law and why certain actions have to be taken. The latter is usually appropriate for big companies while Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 are for individuals and micro-enterprises.

It is very important to know the provisions of each chapter and what it takes to qualify for protection under each chapter. This is especially important because it plays a crucial role in the timing of the filing for bankruptcy and in the end it can also determine which properties you get to keep and which properties you can keep. Unlike our competitors, we are never in a hurry to take your money by encouraging you to file for bankruptcy without carrying out a thorough analysis of the situation at hand and the prevailing financial circumstances. Instead, we prefer to take our time and analyze the facts to ensure that the timing is right and that you will be able to enjoy maximum protection under law.

Our desire to see you succeed is what has made us to offer our services at affordable fees and with the highest levels of professionalism and success rate. Our high success rate is a pointer to the fact that we have the experience, the knowledge, the will and the right level of shrewdness to help clients win their battles against bankruptcy.

We are a fully fledged bankruptcy law firm with offices in the major towns of Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas. Our consultation services are free and the best part is that you can be able to consult our attorneys at any time of the day or at night; throughout the seven days of the week.

We offer consultation through 3 main channels mainly face to face consultation, visiting the office, telephone conversations and online through our website. We do not just help our clients with their battles against creditors, but we also enable them to understand the implications of bankruptcy and how to keep it at bay for their future benefit.

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